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Finally something happened! I lost 1 kilo, God blessed; I worked damn hard for it too. I have two more weeks of this challenge….

Workout Schedule

Cardio X

Slim and 6 total body workout

P90 fat burner

Chest and back, ab ripper X

Slim and 6 cardio burner

Shoulders and Arms, ab rippre X


Meal 1 – sprouted buckwheat cereal, nuts, agave, cinnamon, and sunflower seeds, fat free milk

Meal 2-couscous, nut burger

Meal 3-Power shake; with whey protein, fruit, milk, creatine, L-gutamine, and flax seed

Meal 4-lowfat healthy dinner; either healthy pizza or enchilada


I’m happy that I have made it this far; 11 weeks.  It is tough but I have stuck with it.  There have been days that I didn’t want to workout–but I pushed myself.   Since starting this challenging I have only missed three workouts and they were yoga workouts.  I have changed my mental attitude rather than focusing on the scale; I’m focusing on being healthy and how my clothes fit.  I feel good!

Areas of improvement

Last weekend, I had a brownie and some Indian food but I still kept my kilo off.  I think it is better for me to indulge a little as it gets me on track again the next six days.  I just need one day of not thinking about this to get me amped again.  I haven’t been eating salad lately…I usually eat a huge salad on alternating days but I’ve been in a funk.  I will get back into the salad mode today!


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Week 9-Finished!

Well…I’m getting closer to the end of the first journey (13-weeks). I did change up the program a little.  Instead of doing the Yoga X, I am adding a cardio video.   For the Core Synergistics video; I changed it to a Slim and 6 1-hour full body workout.   I felt that I needed to add another cardio because I am not seeing the results as I would like. I find the Core Syn. video rather difficult–almost irritating difficult. I really enjoyed the Slim and 6 total body video.  It is a great workout incorporating weights and cardio, with an ab routine at the end. I burned about 600 calories in the video; so it is a calorie burner!

Workout Schedule

Chest, Back and Ab Ripper X

Cardio X

Shoulders, Arms, Ab Ripper X

P90 cardio workout

Slim and 6 total body


Meal 1-Protein Shake w/fruit

Meal 2-Sprouted buckwheat cereal with sunflower seeds, nuts, and dried fruit, milk

Meal 3-couscous sald, veggie burger

Meal 4-huge salad (on alternate days–a different clean eat meal; like clean eat burritos)

Meal 5-raw oatmeal cookie and milk

On some days I haven’t been able to get my 5th meal in.  On three days; I have a piece of 75% dark chocolate that is 50 calories and on three days, I have a five ounce glass of wine!  A girls got to have her sanity.  😉


I liked adding another cardio day and am enjoying the Slim and 6 video addition.

Areas to improve

We did order Indian food on Sunday night, but I ate just a small plate and didn’t overindulge.  I feel okay about that. I worked out five days instead of six but because I didn’t do the yoga, I feel okay about it because I worked out extra hard with my cardio addition and Slim and 6 workout.  Goal this week is to get all workouts in.

Week 10–BRING IT!

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In a funk!

I’m ending Phase 2 this week and I am in a funk.  Thank God it is recovery week because I needed it.  I am just a little “out-of-sorts”, feeling blue and unmotivated. I think I am just exhausted.  I haven’t missed a workout though…I’m pushing it–just feeling unmotivated. Next week starts the final phase, Phase 3, and it last five weeks.  This is the phase where I am hearing the “magic” happens.  So…let’s hope. I’m going to give it my all.  I think I just needed an “out-of-sorts” week to get my fitness mojo back! I’ll come back with a vengeance.  😉

Two month results

  • lost two kilos (4.4 lbs)
  • went down 1.3% body fat
  • lost a total of 10.25 inches

Goals for the next five weeks

  • down 3 kilos
  • two inches off my waist
  • two inches off my hips
  • my sanity back

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