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Week two of S4;I did very well however, the scale wasn’t in my favor.  It was a constant roller coaster most of the week.  It couldn’t make up its mind between 69.4 kilos or 69.1 kilos finally ending the week at 69.1 kilos which is what it read last week. Disappointed?  #$##$#@@!!! Just a tad.  Nothing more frustrating than giving up all of your heart passions; chocolate, wine, cheese and crackers for more veggies, fruits and lean proteins to see the scale at a halt.  I will give it one more week before seeing if I need to make any further changes.

On a positive note; I can do 10 ½-push-ups on my toes.  Nice.  My iron pills have helped with regard to working out.  I have more energy and not exhausted after a workout—I feel more energized.

Let’s hope for 68 kilos in week 3.

S4 eating plan for week three

Meal 1-steel-cut oatmeal with fat-free milk, cinnamon and 1 packet of stevia

Meal 2-berries and protein shake w/water

Meal 3-vegetable curry

Meal 4-fruit protein shake, veggies

Meal 5-protein shake with water

S4 workout plan for week three

Monday-Belly dancing yoga total tone video

Tuesday-Hip hop abs cardio

Wednesday-Slim and 6

Thursday-Turbo Jam

Friday-Slim and 6

Saturday-P90X Plyometrics

To superstyle health!



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I am taking a trip out to the Midwest to visit family and friends therefore, decided to use my trip as a motivator. To get extra funky, I have named the program Super Sonic Sexy Style (S4).  I have six weeks to sexiness! Drap to fab is on its way! I have finally found the mother of all eating plans and couldn’t be more thrilled.  I have changed my eating plan (with the help of Tosca Reno’s new book Stripped) by removing flour, sugar, dairy and alcohol (yes, my wine will need to go. :-().

Stunning week! I lost five pounds and very happy; 156 to 151.  Would love to see the 140’s by next week.

S4 eating plan

Meal 1-steel-cut oats w/milk, nuts, and cinnamon

Meal 2-orange, two hard boiled eggs

Meal 3-vegetarian chili

Meal 4-huge salad with tons of veggies, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and balsamic vinegar

Meal 5-protein shake with water and fruit (added L-Gutemine and creatine)

Meal 6-protein shake w/water (optional—only if I am up and hungry)

S4 workout plan

Sunday-20 minute turbo jam cardio

P90X Shoulder, Arms and abs

Monday-P90X plyometrics

Tuesday-20 minute turbo jam cardio

P90X chest, back and abs

Wednesday-P90X Cardio X

Thursday-Legs, back and abs

Friday-Turbo Jam 45-minute cardio blast

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I finished P90X!   I have tried the Body for Life Program and only ever made it to about week 8.  This time around, I did 13 weeks of P90X which I am elated about.  However, not quite elated about my weight loss.  I lost 6 lbs and a total of 10.25 inches.  That equals about 2 pounds per month. Honestly, I would have liked to have seen more stunning results.  My after picture doesn’t show much change either. Especially with the fact, that I was working my ass off. These videos are very challenging. I feel like I worked hard for very minimal results. I only missed two workouts but there were two weeks that I worked out seven days to make up for it.  I cheated three times on the menu plan.

Reviewing other P90Xer’s success; I am seeing that the woman are not seeing results like the men are.  Therefore, I am going to change up my eating plan.  After diligently researching and testing meal plans, I think the P90x nutritional plan still has too much junk in the menu plan; for example–bread, tortillas, whole wheat crackers, protein bars, these items are filled with sugar. Flour (any kind) seems to be a no-no when trying to get RIPPED! And cheese (yes, my favorite—ugggh) has way too much fat.  Maybe men can eat these foods but women—seems to be a no-no!  I think once I get to a “maintenance” phase I could eat those on occasion.  But for now, in the trash they go.

So…let me break this down.

Week 1 Week 13
Weight 160 154
Body fat 30.50% 29.20%


I love the videos and love that there are many workouts; 12 of them.  I love change so this works for me. The workouts are very simple, easy moves made challenging.  Not a lot of complex footwork.

Tony Horton is kind of goofey, I didn’t know if I was going to like him at first—but with time he grew on me. It is nice to be able to turn off the chatter on the DVD as well.

I love that I don’t have to drive to the gym.

I really like the “muscle confusion” idea of the program and it makes sense.

I have seen results in my arms that I am happy about.


Not a lot of leg work that women desire.  I would like to see a video geared towards hips, butt and thighs.

Yoga. I actually love Yoga but honestly, for now-I think I need to wait on this until maintenance phase.  For my goals, I need more cardio.  So, I changed the yoga to a cardio DVD. I think this will be good for me when I am maintaining and want to work on my flexibility and add some spice to my weight training program.  I understand what Tony is doing with the addition of this video.  But it doesn’t meet my goals right now.  Plus once I reach my goal weight, I’ll be slimmer which will be much easier to get into these pretzel poses!

I think the nutritional plan is still too lenient for woman. A nutritionist put the eating plan together.  Any time a “nutritionist” gets involved; I’m a little leery.  Why? They should know what they are doing, right?  Well, in my personal opinion it depends. I think that they are good for those that have medical health conditions; such as diabetes, heart conditions, etc. or those that are very obese and need to be educated on good health.  But as far as getting ripped—I’m not buying it.  There is a video of her talking and well…she doesn’t look athletic.  Sorry, but she doesn’t.  She seems very average shape and could probably benefit from the P90X herself.  I want to listen to women that have nice, lean bodies. I want to know what they are eating and what they are doing.  Of course, one should always be mindful to ensure that he or she is getting their necessary requirements for a healthy, long life.

So what will I do with all this information?  Start a new program; why of course!  So, I am starting a 6-week program starting, well; NOW. More about that in my next post. I won’t give up!

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