I finished P90X!   I have tried the Body for Life Program and only ever made it to about week 8.  This time around, I did 13 weeks of P90X which I am elated about.  However, not quite elated about my weight loss.  I lost 6 lbs and a total of 10.25 inches.  That equals about 2 pounds per month. Honestly, I would have liked to have seen more stunning results.  My after picture doesn’t show much change either. Especially with the fact, that I was working my ass off. These videos are very challenging. I feel like I worked hard for very minimal results. I only missed two workouts but there were two weeks that I worked out seven days to make up for it.  I cheated three times on the menu plan.

Reviewing other P90Xer’s success; I am seeing that the woman are not seeing results like the men are.  Therefore, I am going to change up my eating plan.  After diligently researching and testing meal plans, I think the P90x nutritional plan still has too much junk in the menu plan; for example–bread, tortillas, whole wheat crackers, protein bars, these items are filled with sugar. Flour (any kind) seems to be a no-no when trying to get RIPPED! And cheese (yes, my favorite—ugggh) has way too much fat.  Maybe men can eat these foods but women—seems to be a no-no!  I think once I get to a “maintenance” phase I could eat those on occasion.  But for now, in the trash they go.

So…let me break this down.

Week 1 Week 13
Weight 160 154
Body fat 30.50% 29.20%


I love the videos and love that there are many workouts; 12 of them.  I love change so this works for me. The workouts are very simple, easy moves made challenging.  Not a lot of complex footwork.

Tony Horton is kind of goofey, I didn’t know if I was going to like him at first—but with time he grew on me. It is nice to be able to turn off the chatter on the DVD as well.

I love that I don’t have to drive to the gym.

I really like the “muscle confusion” idea of the program and it makes sense.

I have seen results in my arms that I am happy about.


Not a lot of leg work that women desire.  I would like to see a video geared towards hips, butt and thighs.

Yoga. I actually love Yoga but honestly, for now-I think I need to wait on this until maintenance phase.  For my goals, I need more cardio.  So, I changed the yoga to a cardio DVD. I think this will be good for me when I am maintaining and want to work on my flexibility and add some spice to my weight training program.  I understand what Tony is doing with the addition of this video.  But it doesn’t meet my goals right now.  Plus once I reach my goal weight, I’ll be slimmer which will be much easier to get into these pretzel poses!

I think the nutritional plan is still too lenient for woman. A nutritionist put the eating plan together.  Any time a “nutritionist” gets involved; I’m a little leery.  Why? They should know what they are doing, right?  Well, in my personal opinion it depends. I think that they are good for those that have medical health conditions; such as diabetes, heart conditions, etc. or those that are very obese and need to be educated on good health.  But as far as getting ripped—I’m not buying it.  There is a video of her talking and well…she doesn’t look athletic.  Sorry, but she doesn’t.  She seems very average shape and could probably benefit from the P90X herself.  I want to listen to women that have nice, lean bodies. I want to know what they are eating and what they are doing.  Of course, one should always be mindful to ensure that he or she is getting their necessary requirements for a healthy, long life.

So what will I do with all this information?  Start a new program; why of course!  So, I am starting a 6-week program starting, well; NOW. More about that in my next post. I won’t give up!


Finally something happened! I lost 1 kilo, God blessed; I worked damn hard for it too. I have two more weeks of this challenge….

Workout Schedule

Cardio X

Slim and 6 total body workout

P90 fat burner

Chest and back, ab ripper X

Slim and 6 cardio burner

Shoulders and Arms, ab rippre X


Meal 1 – sprouted buckwheat cereal, nuts, agave, cinnamon, and sunflower seeds, fat free milk

Meal 2-couscous, nut burger

Meal 3-Power shake; with whey protein, fruit, milk, creatine, L-gutamine, and flax seed

Meal 4-lowfat healthy dinner; either healthy pizza or enchilada


I’m happy that I have made it this far; 11 weeks.  It is tough but I have stuck with it.  There have been days that I didn’t want to workout–but I pushed myself.   Since starting this challenging I have only missed three workouts and they were yoga workouts.  I have changed my mental attitude rather than focusing on the scale; I’m focusing on being healthy and how my clothes fit.  I feel good!

Areas of improvement

Last weekend, I had a brownie and some Indian food but I still kept my kilo off.  I think it is better for me to indulge a little as it gets me on track again the next six days.  I just need one day of not thinking about this to get me amped again.  I haven’t been eating salad lately…I usually eat a huge salad on alternating days but I’ve been in a funk.  I will get back into the salad mode today!

Week 9-Finished!

Well…I’m getting closer to the end of the first journey (13-weeks). I did change up the program a little.  Instead of doing the Yoga X, I am adding a cardio video.   For the Core Synergistics video; I changed it to a Slim and 6 1-hour full body workout.   I felt that I needed to add another cardio because I am not seeing the results as I would like. I find the Core Syn. video rather difficult–almost irritating difficult. I really enjoyed the Slim and 6 total body video.  It is a great workout incorporating weights and cardio, with an ab routine at the end. I burned about 600 calories in the video; so it is a calorie burner!

Workout Schedule

Chest, Back and Ab Ripper X

Cardio X

Shoulders, Arms, Ab Ripper X

P90 cardio workout

Slim and 6 total body


Meal 1-Protein Shake w/fruit

Meal 2-Sprouted buckwheat cereal with sunflower seeds, nuts, and dried fruit, milk

Meal 3-couscous sald, veggie burger

Meal 4-huge salad (on alternate days–a different clean eat meal; like clean eat burritos)

Meal 5-raw oatmeal cookie and milk

On some days I haven’t been able to get my 5th meal in.  On three days; I have a piece of 75% dark chocolate that is 50 calories and on three days, I have a five ounce glass of wine!  A girls got to have her sanity.  😉


I liked adding another cardio day and am enjoying the Slim and 6 video addition.

Areas to improve

We did order Indian food on Sunday night, but I ate just a small plate and didn’t overindulge.  I feel okay about that. I worked out five days instead of six but because I didn’t do the yoga, I feel okay about it because I worked out extra hard with my cardio addition and Slim and 6 workout.  Goal this week is to get all workouts in.

Week 10–BRING IT!

In a funk!

I’m ending Phase 2 this week and I am in a funk.  Thank God it is recovery week because I needed it.  I am just a little “out-of-sorts”, feeling blue and unmotivated. I think I am just exhausted.  I haven’t missed a workout though…I’m pushing it–just feeling unmotivated. Next week starts the final phase, Phase 3, and it last five weeks.  This is the phase where I am hearing the “magic” happens.  So…let’s hope. I’m going to give it my all.  I think I just needed an “out-of-sorts” week to get my fitness mojo back! I’ll come back with a vengeance.  😉

Two month results

  • lost two kilos (4.4 lbs)
  • went down 1.3% body fat
  • lost a total of 10.25 inches

Goals for the next five weeks

  • down 3 kilos
  • two inches off my waist
  • two inches off my hips
  • my sanity back

My workouts have made me dog-tired.  After a tough P90X workout, I want to lay down and nap for about two hours. This has been consistent since the beginning of the program.  So, I got to thinking…is this right?  I thought being healthy and working out was suppose to give me energy and I was suppose to feel GREAT!  Why do I feel like shit?

During the cardio videos, Tony suggest wearing a heart monitor to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.  Hmmm…maybe I should invest in one.  Oh so many choices…after much research and contemplation, I went with a Schwinn. This handy dandy fitness tool not only gives me my heart rate but also how many calories I have burned.  Nice.  The first time I used it was during a Kenpo DVD, which is basically kickboxing and a tough one at that.  Come to find out; my heart rate was  90% of my maximum heart zone (MHR), consistently!!! Ouch! No wonder I can barely function.

According  to How to be Fit I was working in the “red line” zone which should be used in interval training.  This zone should be used for short periods of time.  You can actually hurt your results staying in this zone for longer periods of time.  The article states,

“On the other hand, perhaps you’ve been exercising vigorously, but not losing the weight you expected to. Could be you’ve been working too hard and need to drop back to this zone (Zone 2 60% to 70% of your MHR) and exercise longer. To burn more total calories you’ll need to exercise for more time in this zone.”

So I can take it down a notch and get results?  Now, someone is talking some sanity!  God bless-ed!  Whew…..

I have worked out four days now, using my monitor and I’m a new woman!  I feel so much better.  I am so happy I bought this little gadget.   I highly suggest buying one; especially during the P90X challenge.  It is a difficult workout and is quick to get your heart rate up, up, and up!  If you are overdoing it, you could stop seeing results and burn out which could lead you to frustration and maybe even quit.  After googling “overtraining” I was stunned to see how many personal trainers were quick to point out that, “you probably aren’t overtraining”.  A few articles say, “Just because you are tired and hurt the next day doesn’t mean you can’t workout.” While this is true…this still doesn’t mean that you aren’t overtraining.  How could you know unless you have a heart rate monitor?  I tend to think that many newbies might be working it too hard at first and this is why many can’t stick to a health regimen.  They find it so tiring, difficult and simply give up.  If they were educated on how to workout using their heart rate as their monitor they might find it more fun and enjoyable and they could progress at their own pace.   I highly suggest getting one of these handy dandy tools; you could be overtraining or you need to bring it UP!

Some symptoms to look for if you are overtraining taken from Wikipedia;

Overtraining may be accompanied by one or more concomitant symptoms:

P90X–Week 6

If you are a TV watcher, I am sure you have seen the famous infomercial, P90X,  that is getting many people up and moving and I don’t mean a little walk in the park but rather taking their fitness regimen or the complete lack thereof, to a whole new level.  I am one of the many P90Xers that has decided to be challenged or rather jumped into the exercise hell of fire.

I have always been a gym junkie and felt that I was in ‘average’ shape.  I have done it all; yoga, pilates, zumba, HIIT (high interval training), kickboxing, cardio and step workouts…you get my drift; I am not new to fitness. But, these workouts make me feel like Rocky Balboa’s punching bag. I come out beaten, sore, and completely exhausted.  I am so exhausted that I have to lay down for a bit afterwards.  Maybe I’m working too hard, you think? Maybe, but one has to BRING IT (Tony Horton’s-the developer and the trainer in the video DVD’s–famous words), right?

Let me start off by giving some background information–I’m the typical overweight story…you’ve read them, “I weighed a gazillion pounds had an epiphany, worked out like hell, ate carrot sticks for six months and viola—I’m at my goal weight! Yeah for me!”  Well, my story is similar minus the carrot sticks and add months to years, minus goal weight and add 20 more pounds to go! Progress –sure; but these last 20 seem to be barely budging. My heaviest was 226, after about seven years; I am at 155 and am trying to plow through the last 20 pounds hence P90X.

Words to the newbies, the program is very difficult; therefore, you should be in decent physical condition and you should be highly motivated!  Some of the moves are difficult; like tons of push-ups and chin-ups but don’t let them scare you…there are modified versions.  For example, I do my push-ups on my knees and some days I incorporate a few on my toes (when doing this, I can only go down a weenzie bit, but I’m still workin’ it! If you feel it–you are workin’ it!) I keep challenging myself so that one day I will be a toe-upper rather than a knee-upper! 😉  If you are very new to fitness, I think this will be too much and could de-motivate you; leaving you frustrated.  So, I recommend the Power 90 for newbies.  It is still challenging but won’t be exasperating!

I have to say, I am not happy with my results thus far–six weeks in–working out like a mad woman and my diet is super clean (mostly raw foods, too) and only 2 kilo’s lost. (that is 4.4 pounds), body fat from 30.5 to 29.2, waist from 32.5 to 30.75.  I don’t see any difference in my after pics.  I understand this is a 90 day program, but one would like a little motivation for all her hard-earned work!

A little note on weighing myself in kilos.  When I went to Europe, their scales were in kilos and I must say there is something psychologically exhilarating weighing two digits rather than three! Which makes me happier? Waking up to find the scale reads 155 or 71, yes, yes, I know they are both the same…but there is something about smaller numbers that doesn’t seem so daunting.  Like losing 20 pounds or 9 kilos?  Hmmm…which looks more doable here?  I love diversity!  Kilos it is!

I got obsessed with the scale-weighing myself everyday at first, I took this as a scientific approach to see how my body reacted to certain foods, etc.  But then the emotions crept in, pestering little things, and I couldn’t stand the roller coaster of the scale which was causing a roller coaster in my emotions!  Oh my poor boyfriend, bless his little heart for putting up with me! So, I think I will weigh weekly and measure monthly, we shall see how this goes!  Not sure if I can hold out that long. I’m trying to let go and have faith that this will work.

My desire is to post a couple times  a week regarding my journey.

Anybody doing P90X?  Or any questions, let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts!