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I am taking a trip out to the Midwest to visit family and friends therefore, decided to use my trip as a motivator. To get extra funky, I have named the program Super Sonic Sexy Style (S4).  I have six weeks to sexiness! Drap to fab is on its way! I have finally found the mother of all eating plans and couldn’t be more thrilled.  I have changed my eating plan (with the help of Tosca Reno’s new book Stripped) by removing flour, sugar, dairy and alcohol (yes, my wine will need to go. :-().

Stunning week! I lost five pounds and very happy; 156 to 151.  Would love to see the 140’s by next week.

S4 eating plan

Meal 1-steel-cut oats w/milk, nuts, and cinnamon

Meal 2-orange, two hard boiled eggs

Meal 3-vegetarian chili

Meal 4-huge salad with tons of veggies, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and balsamic vinegar

Meal 5-protein shake with water and fruit (added L-Gutemine and creatine)

Meal 6-protein shake w/water (optional—only if I am up and hungry)

S4 workout plan

Sunday-20 minute turbo jam cardio

P90X Shoulder, Arms and abs

Monday-P90X plyometrics

Tuesday-20 minute turbo jam cardio

P90X chest, back and abs

Wednesday-P90X Cardio X

Thursday-Legs, back and abs

Friday-Turbo Jam 45-minute cardio blast


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